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Motorcycle Accident Settlements Massachusetts

Below is a brief description of our recent case settlements in the state of Massachusetts.

1) Policy Limits

Motorcyclist was injured when a car swerved into his lane, resulting in knee and back pain. Medical treatment was minimal and consisted mostly of chiropractic care.

2) $750,000

Motorcyclist was injured when side swiped by a car on the highway. The motorcyclist suffered a severe leg injury, which required surgery and long term physical therapy.

3) $475,000

Motorcyclist was injured when a car ran a red light and caused the motorcyclist to dump his bike. The rider suffered road abrasions and a broken arm which required surgery.

4) $100,000 Policy Limits

Woman was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in a wrist fracture that required surgery. We negotiated a settlement for policy limits within 4 months.

5) $65,000

Motorcyclist was injured when a car pulled out front a parking lot and cut in front of him. The injuries consisted of knee and back pain, and scarring along the elbow.

6) $31,000

Motorcyclist was ejected from his bike. However, he fully recovered with minimal scarring and only 2 ½ months of physical therapy for hand pain.

7) $26,000

Motorcyclist was injured when a car pulled out from a parking lot and cut in front of him. He was left with minimal scarring and a small fracture in his knee.

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Jason Kane




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